About Frallain

Frallain Group provides risk capital to global luxury brands and incorporates social impact within their brands ethos. We assist in providing a platform with industry experts in fashion, PR, sales and distribution for the commercialization of these brands.

All the brands Frallain Group invests in have a social impact angle, such as women empowerment, creating jobs through collectives in Africa (for example, the Masai women in Kenya who create beadwork for global fashion brands).

~ Each designer must take part in a social impact training course in the United States every year and must receive a certificate.
~ Each designer must ensure that a portion of their production is done in Africa through the collectives and our production partners in Africa.

Frallain Group also collaborates with established brands on their production in Africa through its collectives and Production Partners in Africa. We would work with brands such as LVMH and Valentino to produce certain pieces in their collection in Africa.

The African Fashion Fund (AFF) is the non-profit arm of Frallain Group that is a registered non-governmental organization that accepts grants and donations. It is registered in Accra, Ghana.

AFF is an educational and capacity-building platform that supports local talents in Africa through a yearly fellowship in NYC, London, Paris or Milan.

Our Creative Process

Behind our creative process is a mission to support and nurture the talents of African designers

The designers are processed through this model —established by FRALLAIN — making use of our platform to source fabrics, learn production, recognize the importance of quality control and finally develop a relationship with retailers.

This process develops capacity building, lifelong training tools, and helps them create a social impact.